Issuer Self-signed Certificate format check

The Cert Auth module is designed for testing the formats of the Issuer Self-signed Certificates, which are sent to the Certification Authority (Visa, MasterCard International) for signature. In addition, the module allows you to get signed Issuer and the payment system certificates for testing the additional information without the reference to the Certification Authority.

Currently the module supports the exchange of certificates, accepted by Visa and MasterCard International.

The Cert Auth module allows to:

  • generate RSA-keys Certification Authority (the length of the keys can be set);
  • to receive and sort files:
  • Issuer self-signed Certificates;
  • In the result of hash-function calculation for the issuer certificates (for MasterCard International);
create files
  • with issuer certificates, signed by the payment system;
  • with payment system certificates;
  • with the result values of hash-function calculation for the Certification Authrotiy certificate (for MasterCard International)