Key Management System

Convenience and automation of the cryptographic keys process management.

With the introduction of the issue and service technology for EMV-cards in large organizations it has become a particularly relevant problem to provide convenient and automate cryptographic keys process management. The solution is a system, which allows to generate, store, transmit, in good time to remove from circulation expired keys and put new ones into circulation. Also the system can provide key material to other information system, for example personalization system, acquiring, smart-cart management.

To solve these problems effectively a Key Management System (KMS) can be used.


Key Management System Architecture
Key Management System architecture.

Key Management System performs standard cryptographic materials management functions:

  • key generation;
  • requests generation for key certificates;
  • key certificate parameters display and testing;
  • transmit keys between cryptographic zones.

In addition to standard functions the Key Management System structures to work with cryptographic material and automates some of the processes, in particular:

  • storage of cryptogrammic keys and certificate parameters;
  • timely input and output of keys from circulation;
  • transmit group of keys between cryptographic zones.
  • automated procedure of the LMK replacement in the crypto device

Cryptographic materials can me associated with legal entities or individuals, payment systems and cryptographic devices.

KMS enables to generate documents, which correspond to executed operations:

  • keys generation, issuer certificates requests and generation processes protocols;
  • statistical and analytical reports and other customizable dicuments.

In the Key Management System a protocol keeps record of all transactions made with the system and its objects, including cryptographic materials.

Key Management System can be used by both individuals, and external informational systems. The system provides a means of managing access rights security officers, administrators, and users (including external applications).

To ensure safety when working in public networks the Key Management Systems uses technology to secure communications, including VPN, uses advanced mechanisms to limit access to the database.

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