Covering the full life cycle of a plastic card implies data preparation, card personalization, quality assurance and card maangement.

PRONIT solutions enable ito accomplish most of the tasks on the way to successful cards issuance.

We are happy to present you the Complex EMV cards issuance solution, which includes a number of components and ensures solution of the following tasks:

Data preparation

At the stage of data preparation cards issuer has the following tasks:

  • to prepare data for magnetic stripe encoding, generate PINs and manage pronting the PIN envelopes;
  • to prepare data for smart card personalization.


At the stage of personalization cards issuer has the following tasks:

  • to develop design and manage embossing, printing and MS encoding;
  • manage smart card personalization.
  • In case of issuing cards with individual design usualy card personalization devided on few steps (for example printing personal image and writing data on magnetic stripe on step 1 and emboss card number and expirity date on step 2). Our personalization modules supports this technology steps in different ways on different equipment.


To control card personalization quality on the following stages:

  • after personalizing test cards with EMV application(s),
  • before sending EMV cards to payment systems for certification,
  • before delivering cards to cardholders

and to manage parameters of and analyse cards issued in circulation the following tools are created:

  • card quality assurance tool, which enables to have a deep insight into a EMV card and understand the reasons of problems;
  • Issuer Self-signed Certificate validation tool.


To ensure cryptographic protection at the all stages of data preparation, card personalization and testing the following tools are created:

  • crypto subsystem, with possibility of support different types of cryptographics devices (SafeNet (Eracom), Thales e-Security, SAM-card etc.). Top level application software use crypto subsystem for wide range of crypographic operation like generation of verification values, keys, certificates and so on;
  • SAM-card crypto applet.
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