Support of various additional applications.

The Complex EMV solution allows you to prepare data and personalize a wide range of additional applications. The most simple, from the technological point of view, are applications which are limited in functionality: used only for storage of open information, which can not be modified during the entire life cycle of the application (for example, PSE application (Payment System Environment)). In complex applications built on technologies such as, for example MODS (MasterCard Open Data Storage), provides a standardized differentiated access to the information on the card. Information can be written, read and modified with the use of various devices – card-readers, POS terminals and self-service devices

The Complex EMV- solution allows you to prepare data, carry out applets loading, instance creation and personalization of additional applications. Modules which are part of the solution allow you to view data, which is stored in the additional applications, and also to check the working capability and demonstrate the functional abilities of these applications.

PIN printing support for additional applications.

In most cases the EMV- card issuers are in charge of PIN printing not only for financial but for additional applications (for example, identification application or data storage application). One of the multifunctional card issue schemes, implies that the supplier of the additional applications provides data for application personalization, including the PIN. In this case in addition to writing the data provided in additional application, the complex solution allows additional PIN printing for additional applications. In another case, the complex EMV - solution allows to generate a PIN, and safely provide it to an external system. This functionality is provided by the fact that the data preparation system allows to process data from the supplier of additional application (the PIN itself, information for secure data access, and also information for printing on the surface of the PIN envelopes) and returns the required data into the original system. As a result for one copy of an EMV- card, two PIN-envelopes can be printed: one for the financial application, and the other for the additional application.

Support of the latest EMV-technologies.

The rules, under which the EMV-technologies world lives, are subject to changes. Visa International demand from all issuers the use of VPA (Visa Personalization Assistant) in the preparation process of new EMV-products. The complex EMV-solution allows importing VPA profile settings into the data preparation system and based on them, configures the EMV-data preparation.

Additional information on the SmartDataCenter module module for EMV-data preparation which is part of the complex solution.


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