The CardInspector system is intended for plastic card testing and sorting management on the CardMaster complex and can be used to solve the following problems:

  • Checking the magnetic stripe data and the data in the embossing/indent printing fields for compliance, of the cards, that where re-issued in manual mode due to defect correction; defected cards;
  • Sorting cards by input trays, depending on card numbers read from the magnetic stripe and signs, recorded into the input file; rejecting cards with magnetic stripe data read errors;
  • Control of microchip cards’ memory contents;
  • Monitoring the compliance of the plastic’s design (color, logo, etc.), card number (BIN) and / or signs, written in the input file with the card number;
  • Receive the file with the numbers of rejected cards to generate jobs for their reissue;
  • The combinations above and other problems.

The CardInspector system provides:

  • Mode configuration and options for checking and sorting plastic cards packages;
  • Testing and sorting of the plastic card packages;
  • Operative control of the CardMaster complex devices.

Setting the mode and parameters of testing and sorting of the plastic card packages:

  • Description of data formats on the tracks of magnetic stripe cards;
  • Description of the input file format, for example, with the data of checked cards (optional);
  • Description of the output file format - the result of testing and sorting (optional);
  • Description of data formats for changing/writing new data on the tracks of the magnetic stripe cards;
  • Specifying a specialized script programs, that checks the microchip card and configures the required parameters for its operation;
  • Description of the testing and sorting criteria for cards on input pockets complex CardsMaster (up to 12 output pockets);
  • Description of fields and format pictures, barcode and / or text on the outer surface of the card - the contours of images, patterns and color fields, samples of printed text and embossed text (in a given area, and according to pattern font), the contours of fields by barcode components of the basic software station OCR (DVT).

The test and sorting of plastic card packages:

  • Checking the contents of the magnetic stripe card track, based on the described data formats and input file;
  • Changing/writing new data onto the magnetic stripe track / microchip cards based on a prior descriptions and data input file;
  • Check the microchip using a specialized script programs based on the data input file and the fields, read from the magnetic strip card;
  • Check the surface area of the card on the basis of the described formats and sample images and data input file;
  • Sorting through the complex CardsMaster pockets and rejection of cards based on tests carried out;
  • Generating the testing and sorting report;
  • Generating the output file.

CardsMaster complex device operative management:

  • Managing the mechanics of the complex (capture new cards, run the cards to a new position; card output in the pocket appointed for sorting);
  • Management of the read/write device of the magnetic stripe;
  • Management of the read/write device if the microchip;
  • Control of the station with the DVT sensor(built-in video camera and image recognition), carrying out entry and processing of images according to a preliminary set of images and / or text - defining the contours of images, colors, regions, recognition, etc.

Additional information and materials

  • Additional information is available by request on this e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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