Current plastic card market conditions often demand card issue, the personalization of which needs to be carried out in several stages. As an example, the issue of a card with an individual design, the first stage the individual image design is placed on the card, and the data for financial products is personalized on the card during the next personalization stage. This requires the solution to synchronize information - applicable to each stage of the technology, should eventually ensure that the picture, card number and other data to be customized by each particular copy.

One possible way of solving the data synchronization problem is to use the magnetic stripe of the card. Thus on the first stage of personalization during image print, a certain identifier is recorded onto the magnetic stripe. And on the second stage based on the value of this identifier data is chosen for the embossing the card number, expiration date and etc.

The DC9K MS Rewriting Utility application ensures the implementation of such technologies on DataCard conveyor personalization devices, which are equipped with one magnetic stripe read/write module.

Purpose of DC9K MS Rewriting Utility

The DC9K MS Rewriting Utility application is intended for card personalization line organization on the DC500/7000/9000 complexes in that way, that the data, used for personalization of the next card, selected from the input stream as a result of a search using the key information, is read from the magnetic stripe of the card. The difference from the standard DC500/7000/9000 software systems is the ability to rewrite the magnetic stripe during the personalization - replace the key information with the traditional data for the financial card.


The application runs on the DC500/7000/9000 Controller and provides the following functions:

  • read the search key record from the magnetic stripe of the card;
  • search for card personalization information by the read key in the input data;
  • rewrite data on the magnetic stripe card, followed by control;
  • transfer to the DC500/7000/9000 Controller data fields from the input file record found for personalization on the card (graphics printing, embossing, etc.) and / or output to a log file (audit file)..

The DC9K MS Rewriting Utility is set wit the help of the configuration file, which defines the format of the data in the input file, terms of information retrieval, describes the data fields for the module conveyor device and the log file (audit file).


DC9K MS Rewriting Utility application comes in the form of distribution kit, consisting of:

  • executable program modules;
  • documentation;
  • sample files and configurations of input data.

System requirements

DC9K MS Rewriting Utility application is designed to work with software systems CIS DC500/7000/9000 starting from version 7.0

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