DeskPerso is intended for:

  • graphic data input devices management (cameras, scanners, signature pads and others);
  • desktop personalization devices management (printers, embossers, magnetic stripe encoding devices/chip programming stations);
  • high-volume devices personalization data preparation.

DeskPerso is applied in solving various tasks of data input and card issuance, including:

  • ID card printing, (real-time ID cards personalization),
  • magnetic stripe card personalization;
  • general-purpose plastic cards personalization;
  • EMV cards personalization as a component of the Complex EMV cards issuance solution.

Here are the key features of DeskPerso:

  • comprehensive user interface, a flexible parameter setting system and a wide range of functions that facilitate card design development, data input/output management and card personalization;
  • input of graphic information from a wide range of devices, direct management of digital cameras in picture capturing mode;
  • interaction with most database management systems through using ODBC technology;
  • smart card personalization support in most of Datacard personalization devices;
  • ability to build various technological sequences in case of using several devices for card personalization (for example, join printer and embosser);
  • user rights management;
  • personalization results control, detailed audit trail maintenance;
  • substantial integration capabilities through OLE Automation technology;
  • integration with Smart Card Personalization Environment (SCPE).

Additional information

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