EMV Insight2


The «EMV Insight 2» is an EMV card quality assurance tool which is an updated replacement for the EMV Insight, which in the 7 years proved itself well. Since that time, constant modification of the EMV Insight software and bringing it into line with the current versions of the specifications of payment systems and EMVCo. gave the developers a great experience in the operating of complex. Which in the end brought to the development of the new software, which was named EMV Insight 2?

EMV Insight 2 is designed to test the EMV-application smartcards. EMV Insight 2 enables to minimize the efforts, associated with EMV-cards certification on the international payment system, simplify the choice of EMV-applications parameters in preparation process for the issuance of new card products, and also identifies the cause of errors in the cards already issued.

EMV Insight 2 enables to:

  • Control and visualize the smart card authorization process in various modes;
  • аAnalyze the results of card initialization and personalization, including the control of:
    • Card consistency for transaction processing;
    • Card data integrity;
    • Card data accuracy in terms of cryptographic issues (by verifying certificates and keys);
    • Card data consistency and non-redundancy;
    • Data format (including tag length control);
    • Accordance of conditional parameters in compliance with VSDC and M/Chip application templates requirements.
  • Control the execution of cryptographic functions of the EMV application;
  • Control the accordance of EMV application data, magnetic stripe data and embossing.

EMV Insight is a component of the Complex EMV cards issuance solution.

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