1. The implementation of the whole technological process of multifunctional EMV-cards issue, including application data preparation, personalization of smart cards and their testing;
  2. Managing the personalization process of any cards with a microchip (T=0, T=1) on the entire Datacard products line;
  3. Supports different types of cards: native and Java-cards;
  4. Program components are invariant concerning the personalization device (migration from PC/SC-reader and a desktop embosser DC-150i to a MX/Maxsys does not require modification of the program components ( for the use of additional programming stations, you might be required to purchase additional licenses));
  5. Data preparation, using input files of arbitrary formats, and most industrial DBMS;
  6. Independence from the used Back Office system
  7. Presence of ready personalization decisions for native-cards of about 10 card manufacturers and GlobalPlatform cards (complete list of supported cards).
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