SCPE, Smart Card Personalization Environment

SCPE - Smart Card Personalization Environment

Smart Card Personalization Environment (SCPE) - is a universal server environment intended for smart card personalization management on various personalization devices.

SCPE enables to personalize EMV, GSM, ID cards, cards of other purpose. Contact cards, which conform to ISO 7816 (T=0 и T=1), as well as contactless cards and most of memory cards can be personalized using Smart Card Personalization Environment.

SCPE is applied by banks and processing companies of EMEA for smart cards issuance. The first M/Chip 4.0 card in the world and the first M/Chip 4.0 DDA card in Russia were issued using SCPE.

In addition, SCPE-based solutions are used fot health insurance cards personalization in Samara (Russia) and party-membership cards of a leading russian political party.

SCPE is an important component of the Complex EMV cards issuance solution.

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