PRONIT offers the following services:

Smart card applets development. We are very savvy at how a smart card operates. We have an in-depth knowledge of Visa and MasterCard applets. In addition, we have experience of developing cryptographic applets for smart cards. Thus we offer the applets development by order service.

EMV cards issuace solutions development: form data preparation and personalization to quality assurance and certification. We have a very broad experience of successful installations and certifications of our clients' EMV cards with the payment systems.

EMV technologies education. We offer a series of lectures devoted to various aspects of EMV technologies applicetions. Lectures are designed for technical specialists of banks and other financial institutions.

Development of custom information systems - implementation of custom information systems designed to meet specific requirements.

Development of WEB interfaces to acting information systems.

Integration of information systems - development of components for integration of acting and newly developed systems.

Reengineering, porting of acting information systems.

Testing of information systems on all stages of development - planning, designing, coding, documenting and maintenance.

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