PRONIT JSC was founded in 2004 within the CARDHALL group of companies. The mission of CARDHALL group is to provide the market with equipment, software and cards - all the necessary components for covering the full life cycle of a plastic card, from production till the moment when it is replaced by a new one.

The key expertise of PRONIT is software development in the fields of plastic cards and web applications. PRONIT stands for Programming and New Information Technologies.

PRONIT personalization and card service solutions are widely used in Russia and CIS by leading institutions. At the beginning of year 2006 over 10 million of financial and ID cards, both magnetic stripe and smart, were issued using our robust, extensible and flexible solutions. Information systems and web applications serve the users day after day.

We do our utmost to add value to our clients by providing solutions. We strongly believe, that our clients need solutions, but not products. And we lay much emphasis on assisting our clients in acheiving their goals.

PRONIT specialists develop and support software solutions by a set of shared values. The values influence the way PRONIT designs and implements software solutions:

  • Functionality, flexibility and compliance to industry standards;
  • Intagrability of software solutions;
  • High quality support aimed at helping our clients achieve their goals.
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