PRONIT LLC uses cookie technology to offer you a more personalized and high-quality web service. In this PRONIT Regulation on the use of cookies, we will provide you with complete information on how and for what purposes we use cookies on this website. Any changes that we may make to this Cookies Policy in the future will be given on this page. Please check regularly that this Regulation has been clarified or amended.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored and / or used on the hard drive of your end device (such as a computer, laptop or smartphone) by your web browser when you visit the website. Almost every website uses cookie technology to ensure the website is operational and to optimize its design and functionality. Cookies also make your interaction with websites faster and safer, as they can remember your settings (such as login and language) by sending the information they contain back to the original website (main cookie file) or to another website to which it belongs (third-party cookie) when you re-visit the corresponding website using the same end device. Based on the functions and purposes for which cookies are used, they are usually divided into the following categories of cookies that PRONIT uses on this website:

How do we use cookies?

We can use cookies for various purposes:

Strictly necessary cookies allow you to navigate the site and use its basic functions. Usually they are installed in response to actions performed by you that express a request for services, such as entering your secure area of ​​our website under your login. These cookies are required to use this site.

Functional cookies are used to recognize you when you return to our website and to offer you improved and more personalized functionality, such as contacting you by name and remembering your settings (for example, your choice of region or language ) These cookies collect anonymized information and cannot track your movements on other sites.

Analytical and operational cookies allow us to determine and count the number of visitors and collect information about how the website is used (for example, which pages the visitor most often opens, and whether the user receives error messages on some pages). This helps to improve the performance of our website, in particular by making it easy for users to search for what they are looking for.

What if you want to refuse the use of cookies?

If you want to delete cookies stored on your device and configure your web browser to refuse cookies, you can do this in the settings section of your browser. Usually the navigation settings associated with cookies can be found in the Options, Tools, or Preferences sections of the web browser that you use to access this website.

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