Complex EMV cards issuance solution is a turnkey solution, which enables EMV data preparation, card personalization management and quality assurance of personalized EMV applications.


The solution allows to produce multifunctional cards, meeting the modern technological and market requirements: different methods of data authentication (SDA/DDA/CDA), support of PSE, CAP/DPA, MODS applications, the use of Secondary Security Domain (SSD), data preparation and personalization of other additional applications (loyalties, access control and lots more). The solution gives the opportunity to issue cards with native and open operational systems using different types of equipment.

The software components provide a wide range functionality for the organization process of the plastic cards issue and service for such payment systems as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and etc. The software components are updated constantly, to meet the new requirements of the standards and specifications of the payments systems.


In most cases the EMV issue solution, not only represents a set of software components, but also a range of services for EMV-cards issue according to the requirements of the customer. The company's specialists help you in selecting the parameters of EMV-application and certification of cards in Visa International, MasterCard Worldwide and American Express payment systems. Our specialists also solve other related problems, train staff to work with the software and provide consultation on EMV -technologies for the company's staff..

With the use this solution, any EMV cards that meet the ISO 7816 and 1443 standards can be personalized. The most common used cards are Austria Card, Gemalto, Giesecke Devrient, Oberthur, NXP, KEBT, and etc.

Since 2004, this solution provides personalization for more than 60 different types of smart cards.

Widely used

The issue solution of multifunctional EMV-card, offered by the PRONIT Company, well known as a reliable and powerful system, used in major banks and processing companies in Russia and CIS. Tens of millions of cards are issued yearly with the use of PRONIT Company’s solution. The first M/Chip 4.0 card in the world was issued with our EMV – solution, also the first M/Chip 4.0 Select (DDA/CDA) in Russia and first EMV-cards in Belorussia and Uzbekistan. With the use of PRONIT Company’s EMV-solution the first Visa payWave project in the Central Europe Middle East and Asia (CEMEA) was launched.

Due to professionalism and broad experience of our specialists our clients have a good chance of certifying their EMV cards with the payment systems in the shortest possible time. Most of our clients were certified with the payment systems from the first attempt.


The Complex EMV-solution is a long-term investment in the card infrastructure. The infrastructure of card issue can be scaled to the issue volumes and is configured according to the new market demands (issuance of new types of cards, personalization, add-on applications), without imposing restrictions on the development of the card business.

The development of card issuance does not require significant expenses. Adding personalization devices dose not require modification of the software component - you only need to purchase licenses for the new programming stations. Introduction of new card products, changes in format and personalization data sources, additional personalization applications - all of these problems can be solved in a short time, by both PRONIT and third-party developers.


The prices of support and system update are minimal, due to the reliability of solutions, flexible architectures and competitive prices. Request a quotation.

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Additional information

Solution components

Product Purpose
MSDP Manager Magnetic stripe data generation and PIN printing solution
SmartDataCenter EMV and additional applications data preparation system
Smart Card Personalization Environment (SCPE) Smart card personalization environment
Certain card type personalization applications The application manage personalization of a certain set of applications on a certain card in the Smart Card Personalization Environment
EMV Insight 2 EMV cards quality assurance tool
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