Personalization and Quality control

Personalization of EMV-applications on smart cards is a very difficult complex process, during which the analysis of the obtained results at the following stages is required:

    1. EMV-application personalization data preparation;
    2. personalized EMV-applications on copies of the cards;
    3. selective or full control of the personalized cards before handing them over to the clients.

The first stage presumes analysis of EMV-application’s personalization data during the preparation of personalization data for smart card applications. During this stage the EMV-application quality control can be carried out either by the data preparation software, or on separate personalization data analysis module.

The second and third stages presume reading data from a personalized card with subsequent analysis of the information. The essential difference between them lies in the fact that the third stage you can not run transaction testing with the clients’ cards, as to not change the cards initial state. As a consequence, the possibility of obtaining data from the card is strictly limited.

For the analysis of the EMV-applications that are issued on smartcards, specialized EMV-card personalization testing complexes are used.

PRONIT Company’s solution

EMV Insight 2 software complex for EMV-card personalization testing
EMV Insight development of this software version is stopped
CardInspector solution for control card sorting process
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