The personalization management system OCTOPUS is designed to automate the activities of the organization’s personnel and personalization unit, which are in charge of accounting of personalization materials used in the whole personalization process. - from receiving personalization orders to dispatching the finished personalization products to the customer.

The OCTOPUS system can be used in organizations and different personalization units (Personalization bureaus), that personalize plastic cards for the financial sector and for nonfinancial sectors (banks, government organizations and etc.)

As part of organizations and personalization units’ productional IT infrastructure, the OCTOPUS system is an integrated automated information system, which provides automation of the main activities and technological processes of the personalization units – from receiving orders for personalization to dispatching the finished personalization product to the internal and external customers.

The OCTOPUS system provides automation of the following, main personalization unit activities:

  • Operational management and monitoring of processes and individual stages of personalization;
  • Accounting of personalization and expense materials (plastic cards, PIN-envelopes, forms and etc.) on different stages of personalization;
  • Accounting and operational management of finished personalization product dispatch to the customers.

Users of the OCTOPUS system are employees, which:

  • Receive personalization data files from external systems, units and organizations;
  • Form personalization task files for personalization devices, operational management and accounting of the processes and stages of plastic cards and other products on the personalization devices;
  • Receive orders from external organization and units – personalization clientele;
  • Are in charge of operational management and accounting of finished personalization product dispatch to the organizations and units – customers;
  • Control accounting of personalization and expense materials; personalization and expense materials supply planning;
  • Form and issue the production and analytical report;
  • Run operational management of the production process and the personalization units.

The safety in the OCTOPUS system is provided by standard industrial methods, which provide network security:

  • The use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol when working in the network;
  • The use of (if necessary) software or hardware-based encryption of data in the network by VP (Virtual Private Network) standard;
  • Identification of users and applications by the means of unique identificators and passwords;
  • Role mechanism control of user access control to the data and functions of the system;
  • Limitation of access to data in the database with the means of expanded mechanisms of access restriction: audit, FGAC(Fine Grained Access Control).

The OCTOPUS system is a group of WEB-applications, developed with the use of AJAX technology. ORACLE server is used for the database system management.

Overview of system functionality OCTOPUS

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